RWT75 Insulated Window and Door System

RWT 75 Joinery System is a heat insulated aluminum door and window system providing low Uf values with its special insulated materials, having high heat and static performance. There are profile options with a chasing depth of 75mm, sash depth of 85mm, Wall thickness of 1,4/2mm. The doors are same-faced. There is sill system for doors, additional insulation is provided by placing special insulation materials within the profiles, and it has a heat barrier of 34 mm. There are sash profile options appropriate for PVC opening accessories with normal opening, double axis tilt&turn, vent sash concealed sash, push-slide pull drive, pliable folding, pivot opening - usage options.

Technical Properties

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Application Options

Application Alternatives



Inward Opening



Outward Opening



Bottom Hung



Inward – Outward Opening Coplanar Door



Tilt & Turn Opening



Vent for PVC Accessories



Product Sizes

Frame Depth                                                                 75 mm

Vent Depth                                                                    85 mm

Wall Thickness                                                              1,6 / 2 mm

Max. Glass Thickness                                                  48 / 58 mm

Thermal Insulation Bar                                              34 mm straforlu / 34 mm with styrofoam

Color Options

All colors are applicable for electrostatic powder painting and anodizing surface processes.

3D Virtual Images

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