Aluminium Extrusion Production Facility

ASAŞ has integrated aluminium extrusion production facilities in a total 270.000 m² area, of which 130.000 m² is enclosed, in Akyazı complex in order to produce profiles from alu ingot, up to an end product. ASAŞ makes project base technology investments to provide the highest quality and the lowest cost for clients in accordance with project requirements.

Billet Casting:

Ingot raw material is converted to 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10” and 14” billets in the form of 6xxx, 1xxx, 7xxx, 9xxx alloys at modern vertical casting facilities.  Automatic %100 ultrasonic billet control is available in our facilities. 

Mold Production:

Steel molds that are used in the production of extrusions are produced very carefully on high-tech CNC machine tools in our facility, with high precision tolerances in accordance with the designs and needs of clients.

ASAŞ Extrusion implements an innovative approach to extrusion technology development that improves final production quality and decreases manufacturing costs. Prior to manufacturing the die and extrusion trials we analyze each profile extrusion process using QForm software to predict and eliminate defects and problem areas that can occur during real extrusion.

Using QForm software before die manufacturing we have achieved a successful extrusion development process with no trials required. Eliminating die trials and corrections allows ASAŞ Extrusion to produce even the most complicated profiles very quickly with a uniformly high level of production quality.


ASAŞ has the biggest press line in Turkey and one of the few press lines in Europe with its 5500 tons capacity which is capable to produce 600 mm wide and 70 kg/m profiles. ASAS provides services to its clients with its wide range of products and a total of 7 state-of-the-art 1250, 1350, 1600, 2200, 2700, 3500 and 5500 tons of press lines and an annual total production capacity of 75.000 tons.  

Surface Treatment:

ASAŞ, which has the world’s highest capacity anodic oxidation facility in the same complex, has the annual capacity of approximately 40.000 tons of (approximately 13.300.000 m²) profile anodization. Anodization with a wide range of colors and surface effects is carried out in two facilities up to 15 m-long profiles.

With annual 25.000 tons (approximately 8.500.000 m²) production capacity; up to 8 m-long aluminium profiles and accessories are painted in RAL colors and various glosses at the vertical electrostatic powder coating facility.

Mechanical Treatment:

In our Mechanical Treatment Facility, cutting, trimming, length completion, 5 axial CNC operations up to 15-meter length, punching, joining (bonding, rivet, weld bolt etc.), welding and bending services are provided in order to reduce supply chain and to provide a cost advantage to our clients. Also, in our assembly lines, machined and surface treated profiles are converted into end products in the same facility.