ASAŞ, which has carried out many projects by integrating its production infrastructure, which it has improved by making the most innovative and technologic investments of the sector from the day it has been established, with the product and service quality which it has improved continuously, has been awarded the title of The First R&D Center Certified By the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2015.

With its sector experience, knowledge and innovative works of its R&D engineers, ASAŞ manufactures profiles in order to be used in different sectors such as construction, automotive, navigation, railways, aviation, road  transport, furniture, white appliances, electric & electronic devices, and provides products for global projects.

Design and system development teams, present within ASAŞ’s structure, aim to go beyond the expectations of the market with innovative and sustainable designs. R&D researches of the designs which are modeled by using CAD and Solid programs, are carried out by 3-dimensional printers. Further, Project support is provided by the technical office. There are comprehensive technic manuals and  data sheets which involve full details of each system, including profile catalogues, details of manufacture and mounting drawings.