RD55 Office System

RD55 Office System is an uninsulated door system with aesthetic appearance, hygienic, interior usage. It can be applied on walls from 85 mm to 230 mm. The system’s wall thickness is available for 1.6 / 2 mm. It provides an architecturally aesthetic appearance with the possibility of mounting the frame that can be adjusted according to the wall width. Wooden and glass wing alternatives are available. It brings practical solutions to the working space with functional wing mounting options that meet different requirements.

Technical Properties

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Application Options

Application Alternatives

Office Partition System


Adjustable Case Installation


Wooden and Glass Wing



Product Sizes

Profile Thickness                                                            1,6/2 mm

Wall Thickness                                                                min. 85 mm - max. 240 mm

Color Options

All colors are applicable for electrostatic powder painting and anodizing surface processes.