R50 Facade System

R50 Facade System involves the lidded, semilidded, structural silicon and steel reinforced Facade systems. In case of using Facade with slab, it allows constructing a sash without the need of extra casing. It can be used on low-or high-rise buildings. It provides an uninterrupted glass appearance with the option of using as structural silicon Facade, and meets the esthetical expectations. The system allows the hidden sash opening outward. Parallel opening hidden sashes can be constructed with this system according to the users desire.


Technical Properties

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Application Options

Application Alternatives

Facade with Cap


Structural Glazing


Two Side


Outward Opening Hidden Vent


Parallel Opening Hidden Vent


Steel Reinforcement System


Product Sizes

Profile Width                                                                        50 mm

Mullion Depths                                                                     min. 80 mm - max. 290 mm

Transom Depths                                                                   min. 30 mm - max. 146 mm

Wall Thickness                                                                      1,6 / 1,8 / 2 / 2,2 / 2,5 / 3 mm<

With Cape Profile Max. Glass Thickness                         42 mm

With Structural Cells Max. Glass Thickness                   37 mm

Thermal Insulation Bar                                                       14,8 mm

Color Options

All colors are applicable for electrostatic powder painting and anodizing surface processes.

3D Virtual Images

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